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Minnesota State Fair 2011

Tuesday, August 28th, 2012

Yes, I realize I’m a year late with these photos. Late summer and fall are the busiest times of year for photographers like me who do a lot of senior portraits and family pictures in the Twin Cities, so by the time I had a few moments to sit down to blog the images from my trip to the MN State Fair last year, I think we were well into winter.

Since I’m not sure if I’ll have time to return to St. Paul this week for more photo opportunities, I thought I’d share some of my favorites from walking around the midway back in August of 2011. The state fair provides its guests with awesome foods on a stick and also the vivid colors, crowds and lights that are perfect for photography.

Are you headed to the fair this year? What was your favorite part?

Please note that while I’m flattered when people enjoy my photography, I’m not so happy when they steal my photos. Please respect my copyright and do not copy or share these images on your own sites, thanks!

Becky Higgins Big Photography Giveaway Video

Tuesday, March 8th, 2011

Last year Becky Higgins posted a call on her blog for photographers who would be interested in giving away sessions to clients all over the country. I thought that sounded like fun – photography is an incredible gift! – and signed up. I had so many deserving entries, I couldn’t choose on my own, so by random number generator my winners were Jessica and Justin, who were about to have their first baby.

I photographed little miss Avery in Minneapolis shortly when she was brand new and enjoyed every minute – some of her portraits are in this post.

Today Becky posted a short video compiling some of the images from the participating photographers from their winning sessions. I somehow missed the video the first time around but wanted to share it here. I loved seeing all of the happy faces from winners everywhere!

Go here to see the video for yourself – it’s under “Other Videos” and the title is Christmas 2010 Video 9: Big Photography Giveaway Results.

I Love the Minnesota State Fair

Tuesday, August 24th, 2010

There, I said it. Though if you know me, it’s not exactly a secret.

I love the crowds, the colors, the animals, the rides, the lights at night, and yes, I love the food. One year I hunted all over for the new s’more on a stick. Yet another year we tried chocolate-covered bacon. You can’t make this stuff up.

The Minnesota State Fair starts in two days, and I have two, maybe three trips planned.

Oh yes, I will see it all.

Below are just a few photos I took at the fair in 2008, I won’t bombard you with too many. I was unable to go last year, but this year I am going to a concert and have a photo shoot planned one night, which I am super excited about. And I am hoping we’ll get to bring the kids one day, too. They’re looking forward to the butterfly house, the big slide and cotton candy.

I will definitely have some more portraits and photographs to share this time around. See you at the fair!

I love this one – just a crowd shot, but the guy walking down the way looks like he’s strutting for the cover of an album (er, iTunes picture?), the sun flare shining down and it almost looks like he’s on his own.

Can you guess what this is? A deep-fried candy bar (Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup, to be exact). Those have got to be good for you.

Two years ago I saw Brandi Carlile in concert at a free stage at the fair. At the time I sort of knew who she was, but after seeing her live I became a true fan. Great show. I’m no concert photographer, but it was a fun challenge to take photos in the constantly changing stage lights. Brandi has made the big time in Minnesota this year, and will be playing the Grandstand.

Stay tuned, I’ve got images from a senior portrait session and a toddler-and-mommy session coming up soon!

Also, I’ll be making an announcement soon about MINI SESSIONS. Get excited, they’re going to be awesome!

Sposa Bagnata, Sposa Fortunata – Minneapolis Photographer

Saturday, July 31st, 2010

You don’t speak Italian? That’s okay, I don’t, either. I had to Google for sayings about rain on a wedding day being good luck. So what does the title of this post mean? It means, “Wet bride, lucky bride.” A couple might cringe when they see rain clouds on their wedding day, but in many cultures it’s considered good fortune.

So this couple has a lot of good luck coming to them as they begin their marriage! It rained almost all day long. I once again had the pleasure of assisting Nicki of Nicki Gordon Photography at a wedding in Minneapolis (I do not offer wedding photography services, but I do like to second-shoot). The ceremony and reception were held at the Millenium Hotel, which has one of the coolest wedding venues I’ve seen – a glass dome on the roof overlooking the city.  Here are a few that I took that day!

Nicki set up their “first look” portraits at the Guthrie because we could be shielded from the rain. The groom was so excited to see his bride. Every time he heard footsteps he’d ask me, “Is that them? Is she coming?”

I liked how the rain on the window mimicked the dots on the cake (hard to see, but the groom had – gasp! – a Packers cake).

And I’m not entirely sure what makes me love the black and white image so much, but I do. I love how the bride and groom are looking out the window while the bartender has his face bent the opposite way, preparing for the party that would be starting after the vows had been exchanged. It’s a quiet photo.

I See the Light – Images from Off-Camera Flash Workshop

Tuesday, July 27th, 2010

I’ve finally had a chance to go through some of the images from the workshop I took a little over a week ago. As I’d said in the earlier post, the purpose of the workshop was to help photographers learn how to better use their flashes off camera. During this particular workshop, the instructor set up most of our shots with a model and a light in a few locations, guiding us toward using the correct settings for our vision and encouraging us to help the models pose. Our models were great, it can’t be easy to have 15 photographers looking you through their lenses!

The last two images were during the late-night hour when we were divided into groups of 4-5 to create scenarios and lighting set ups on our own. Modeling are Amy and Nathan, fellow photographers from Louisiana and Colorado. The first image was set up by Nathan, who had the idea to shoot through the glass block windows behind Amy, but the resulting shot was a group effort (Paul, from Tennessee, held a semi-closed umbrella in front of Amy to reflect the light back onto her face). The very last image here I did set up – I shot with the flash camera right, the light coming through the fencing.

Even though we were rained and lightninged and thundered on and it was about eight billion degrees outside that day, the workshop was a great experience. I learned a lot more about using light off camera and I’m excited to put it to use! Not only was it great to learn from Zack Arias (I’ve been watching the critiquing videos on his blog for a while – it can be hard for photographers to get no-nonsense, no-sunshine-and-rainbows responses to their work, so I appreciate his honesty and lack of pretense), but we were also using Jeremy Cowart‘s studio. If you’re not a photographer you may not know his name, but I guarantee you will recognize a lot of his subjects. So cool!


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