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Class of 2015 Senior Portraits – Minneapolis – The Importance of Light

Sunday, August 17th, 2014

First things first – Minnesota high school seniors, I am now booking into September and October for senior portrait sessions. Contact me today to get on my schedule as open slots are dwindling! If you’re looking for a family photographer this fall, I am booking past clients and referrals from past clients only, but I’m happy to refer you to some great family photographers in the area if you are new to Salina J Photography as I am no longer accepting new family/child clients at this time (focusing instead on senior portraits and head shots – anyone can book with me for those!).

Now… anyone who has heard me talk about photography knows I’m a bit of a geek when it comes to the technical side. My vision as an artist is first and foremost, but photography is nothing without the right light. When shooting outdoors, the light doesn’t always cooperate. My clients and I might be outside and there’s too much sun in a spot with a great view, or if we’re in a wooded area, there might not be enough light to take advantage of the pretty background and still get light in the eyes and a proper balance between the illumination of the face and the background.

I don’t always need it, but I bring supplemental lighting to every¬† session. Not only can I help boost the ambient (natural) light wherever I am, I can also do some creative shots that simply aren’t possible without additional lighting. For example, if you’ve seen my photographs of seniors with beautiful sunsets behind them, I had to use a light in an umbrella to create those. Otherwise the face would be totally dark in order to see the sunset.

Here’s a great example from a recent session showing why I bring my lighting gear to a session. I was photographing this class of 2015 Lakeville senior in Northfield and wanted to use a path in the outdoor area we were in. The sun was behind Rachel which highlighted her hair perfectly, I loved the trees and the light filtering through them, but it was too dark to get catchlights in Rachel’s eyes. In order to keep the background looking the way I wanted, without a flash Rachel’s face would be underexposed. I could increase my exposure so that her face would be bright enough, but that meant sacrificing the background (also, a too-bright or “blown” background draws the eye away from the subject). So I quickly set up my flash on a light stand and was able to get the gorgeous shot of Rachel on the right, with both her face and the background in perfect balance, lighting-wise.

Salina J Photography Blog Image

Head over to my Instagram feed to see the portrait I took of Rachel at the end of her session with the amazing sunset behind her – also made possible by my trusty flash and lighting skills.


Baby Olivia – Minneapolis, MN Newborn Photographer

Thursday, April 5th, 2012

Olivia’s parents first came to me when Kristi was still pregnant – their maternity session can be seen here. Before long their first child, Olivia, had arrived at it was time for her newborn session at my Burnsville studio.

Olivia was alert for the first half of the session, but once she fell asleep she was out, which allowed me to capture the sleeping images her parents were hoping to have of her.

Meet sweet, Olivia! Congratulations, Kristi and Ryan!

A Little Baby Girl on Her Way – Minneapolis, MN Maternity Photographer

Friday, February 3rd, 2012

Kristi and Ryan came to the studio the day before Thanksgiving for maternity portraits, so that they could document the time leading up to the birth of their first baby. Kristi looked amazing, and it was wonderful to get Ryan into some of the portraits, as well. Dads may not carry the babies in their bodies, but they’re just as excited to meet the new little ones. While all of her portraits were gorgeous, I especially loved the dramatically-lit ones we created at the end of the session.

Kristi and Ryan’s baby is here and we already did the newborn session, but those images will be coming later!


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