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Go Big or Go Home – Choosing the Right Print Size for Your Walls

Thursday, September 5th, 2013

I love offering printed products to my clients. Digital negatives are convenient, and my clients do purchase them, but they and I know that a digital negative is more likely to rest on a hard drive or in a tablet’s photo album than be seen in the home. We are so accustomed to having photos available to us in pixels we forget to print those photos and display them in our homes, either as prints or in albums.

My clients know the value in seeing their portraits professionally printed – they hire me because they know that I, as a print-focused photographer, know how to prepare my digital negatives for the print process. Colors will be rich, skin tones will be natural and there will not be distracting areas that are too bright or too dark. To help my clients with their selections, one benefit I offer is in-person ordering. After the session is complete, my clients can schedule an ordering session at my studio or in their home, where they can see and touch samples of different albums, canvases or large prints.

One of my favorite parts about this is bringing multiple sizes of prints to a client’s home. In some cases, my clients have never ordered a print larger than an 8×10. They think of that as the “large” size, when in reality an 8×10 is considered a desk print, or is meant to be clustered in a grouping of other photos or art work. So during our ordering session, when I recommend a 16×20 for a particular wall where they’d like to display the smiling faces of their kids, at first they are skeptical… until I compare how the wall looks adorned with an 8×10 and then with a 16×20.

Prints seen from a distance, like those displayed on a wall, should be large enough that the faces are clear without someone having to walk up to inspect. Clients should also take into consideration the scale of the walls and the furniture. A print meant for a shelf in an office can be smaller, but so many newer homes now have soaring ceilings and rooms with oversized furniture.

A client sent me a photo yesterday of her bedroom with a print of her children newly hung above the bed. At her ordering session, I first held up some 16×20 prints, as they initially thought about ordering one 16×20 of each child. Then I held up my 20×30, the largest sample I have. The clients loved the idea of having one bigger print for the wall, but my client said “I don’t think that’s big enough.” So we ordered the portrait as a 24×36 Elevated mount (this is a modern option that comes ready to hang, and the edges can be finished in black, white, silver or wood-tone).

Here you can see the finished product! I am so happy she shared this photo, I love seeing the results.

Salina J Photography Blog Image

Just for fun, I edited the image to show what the print would look like had she ordered it in an 8×12 size. The difference is amazing! So the next time you order a print of your favorite portrait, whether through a photographer or on your own, think about sizing up. Use a piece of newspaper or cardboard cut to a larger print size and tape it to the wall where you’d like to hang your photograph and see which size works best for your space. Big isn’t always the answer, but in many cases it will help fill your space and showcase the smiling faces all the better.

Salina J Photography Blog Image

Writer/Blogger Professional Head Shots – Edina, MN

Sunday, January 27th, 2013

I had the pleasure recently of photographing local Minneapolis writer/blogger Nina Badzin. She had been using a casual photograph for her social media sites and with plans to update the design of her blog soon, wanted some updated, more professional head shots. Having high-quality images, even if just for your Linkedin profile, helps give a great first impression to your connections and readers.

Thanks for coming to the studio, Nina, I enjoyed meeting you!

Cousins – Northfield, MN Family Photographer

Tuesday, August 14th, 2012

The day was dark and drizzly, but the faces inside the house were bright and bubbly. I had the pleasure of photographing a past client (see Carter’s first Salina J Photography debut here), plus his new sister and their twin cousins. I love watching my clients grow up through portraits.

A great benefit to hiring me for your family portraits is that you can either come to my studio in Burnsville, or I can come to you. For this particular photo shoot, since we were dealing with four young children, I packed up my gear and went to their home. I set up in a perfect, naturally-lit nook and took my time with the group photos and each individual shots. Have you ever been limited by a 15-minute time slot, during which one or all of your kids cried and wouldn’t run away? I had that experience, when my children were younger, before I became a photographer. So now I make sure the sessions are relaxed and last until we’ve captured what the parents most want.

Meet Carter, Clara, Evan and Lila!

A Mother’s Day Surprise – Lakeville, MN Family Photographer

Wednesday, June 27th, 2012

This spring I was contacted by a father who wanted to surprise his wife with portraits of their two children for Mother’s Day. We booked them for a session at my studio in Burnsville and they arrived ready for the camera, and ready to not say a word to their mom.

We had a great time at the session. Emily and Blake did normal sibling things like poke at each other and make faces to try to get the other to laugh, but we also capture some sweet images of them acting like they truly like each other (you could tell they do).

When I arrived at Matt and Michelle’s home, Michelle still had no idea about the portraits. I walked in with my laptop and huge portfolio full of samples and she looked from me to her husband and back at me. “So, do you do this work for a living?” she asked as she eyed my art case, still unopened.

We sat at the kitchen table and I started up my laptop. “What IS this?” she asked Matt, a smile on her face. When the slideshow with her kids’ portraits started to play, she brought her hand to her mouth and said, “Oh!” Yes, a few tears were shed as she realized what her surprise gift had been. When you’re a photographer, seeing tears from a client can actually be a good thing!

I’m so glad I was able to be a part of this wonderful surprise for their family, and I look forward to doing portraits of everyone together next spring.

Siri – Minneapolis, Minnesota Unique Senior Portraits

Monday, June 4th, 2012

I was fortunate enough to have some incredible senior clients who are graduating in 2012. One part about my job that I love is when I get to capture something individual about each of my clients. There are too many to name that all, but that includes a senior who loves to sail, a senior with her beloved horse, a senior with his letter jacket, a senior who figure skates, and a senior who cross-country skis and wanted portraits done at a ski trail.

When Siri, a senior at Southwest in Minneapolis, contacted me about her portraits, she said she had a collection of Converse shoes she wanted to document with just a few photos. The majority of her session was held in downtown Northfield and in nearby fields, but we took a few moments to capture her with her shoes. What a fun and completely unexpected portrait!

Class of 2013, I can’t wait to see what you come up with for your portraits. I am currently booking for summer and already have sessions lined up for fall, so take a look at your school’s calendar and see when your senior portraits are due for the yearbook, then contact me to get on the schedule!


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